I wear glasses – do you offer swimming Accessories?


Absolutely. We have a great range of Swimming Accessories at Speedo, across a variety of dioptre options, from -1.5 to -8.0. We also have a ‘build-your-own’ prescription goggle, the Pulse Optical Lens Accessories  Kit (available in 0 to -8.0 dioptres), which allows you to change lenses and cater for any differences in prescription for each eye.


Why not try one of our best-selling Accessories, the


How do I put my goggles on properly?


We suggest starting by holding the lenses snug to your eye sockets until they’re positioned correctly. Hold in place with one hand. Next, pull the goggle strap into place, and re-adjust the lens position if necessary. The best fit will give you a comfortable even pressure around your eye and a slight suction.