I love the pink strap! I have never before had the option of optical goggles with any color other than black! I feel so ‘me’ in them…

Michelle R. - Mineapolis, MN


Splaqua goggles are the best goggles I ever purchased. I love the pool, and finding good goggles has always been a difficult task. Since I have a different prescription number in each eye, I found it impossible to find goggles that suit my needs, until I came across Splaqua. With these goggles it is easy to change the diopter in just 3 simple steps and you can have them different for each eye! They accommodated my vision needs and are stylish too, and completely waterproof which makes this an all-in-one winner!

Robert D. - Dallas, TX


Splaqua goggles are the best thing that happened to me. I swim very often and was always totally blind in the pool area, being that I had such a high prescription and I was never able to find an affordable pair. Splaqua brings you great prices and great quality! My swimming experience cannot be compared!

Simon L. - Arlington, VA


Since I’m using Splaqua goggles, my swimming became a more pleasant experience. I no longer need to get out of the pool to rub my eyes, and can see clearly underwater. The fit is great, and the rubber straps make it impossible for water to penetrate.

Nicole S. - Miami, FL


I wish I would’ve heard about this sooner! I have -6.00 in one eye and no prescription in the other and I was never able to be accommodated. Splaqua offered me my exact prescription and it was so well priced! This is real swimming!

Gerry J. - Austin, Texas


I can’t believe that I still have the same pair for such a long time and its still looks and works like when I originally bought it.

Kelly C. - New York, NY


With the tinted lens I can look the sun in the eye and it will never bother me! Its great!

George H. - Buffalo, NY


Ever since I started using these goggles my swimming has not been the same! I have perfect vision underwater and even when I get out of the pool! Thank you for a great product!

Benjamin P. - Vancouver, BC


I bought Splaqua goggles and love them! They are really well priced and I love the tinted lenses. And when I needed Customer Service, I called them and they were so helpful. I was helped by their staff in a professional and friendly manner right away. They were eager to help me and understood my questions. Great company!

Alan C. - Newton, KS


The good part of this goggle is that it fits so well. Once you put it on-it stays on! And it will never slip off, or let water go in until you decide to take it off! That’s what I call quality!

Ricky B. - Lincoln, ME